Working at Würth

Würth is a sales company where a dealer plays a central role in daily business and future prospects. With the help of dealers, the company strives in providing a continuous quality service to its customers. Each dealer who works for Würth has an opportunity to offer diverse products of a globally recognized brand to existing and new customers. Würth’s sales infrastructure, fine-tuned throughout its’ long history, provides an excellent opportunity for a dealer for achieving his/her full potential.


Professional Development


Employee training and professional development is very important at Würth. Before starting to serve customers, all employees go through a special training; future dealer is introduced to core products and gets a feeling of what’s it is like to work at Würth.

Although, every Würth employee is positioned to serve a customer, those 2 key positions that directly interact with customers are:

Sales Representative – serves group of customers and has a duty to develop sales among existing customers and attract new ones. His/her salary is directly linked to sales.

Area Sales Manager – those sales representatives, who have demonstrated leadership qualities, are encouraged to become area managers. They continue serving directly selected customer accounts, yet they also supervise 3 or 4 sales representatives. His/her salary is linked to sales generated from selected customer accounts as well as plan fulfillment of supervised sales representatives.


Job Specific Details

Würth dealer enjoys a high degree of independence in managing relations with customers and in attracting new ones. Company provides dealers with vehicles (not only during their work hours), fuel and mobile phone monthly allowance.


Vacancies are posted on Jobs.ge. Yet, you can also e-mail us your CV on info@wurth.com.ge (please, include CV in subject line).